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Express Detailing

Professional Waxing Machine Applied

  • Protective synthetic sealant that conceals minor swirls and scratches, and shines like a natural carnauba paste wax;

  • Restores clarity and shine to any paint color instantly;

  • Protects exterior surfaces against contamination from pollution, brake dust, bird and insect residues, and other natural elements like water spots and tree sap.

Revolutionary Waterless Express Detailing

  • Thorough Interior Vacuum of Mats, Carpets, Seats

  • Brush Mats

  • Window Cleaning

  • Wipe down of interior Panels, Consoles & Doors, Vinyl or Leather Surfaces

  • Adding Fragrance

  • External Cleaning with Protective Wax

  • Wheel and Tire Wash with Tire Shine

  • Brush and Cleaning of Wheel Well

  • Hand buffered exterior with Microfiber Towel for Extra Gloss

The service takes approximately 30 minutes

                           ADD-ON OPTIONS TO EXPRESS DETAILING


This innovative technology is a long-lasting rain

repellant that:

  • Remarkably improves vision in the rain.

  • Causes rain to bead up and roll right off.

  • Makes it easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt and bugs.

  • Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night.

  • Lasts for months in normal driving conditions.

Crystal Polishing

  • Decontamination of paint;

  • Removes brake dust and particles trapped in paint;

  • Removes light to severe paint defects;

  • Remove heavy scratches and swirl marks;

  • Refine compounding marks and restore gloss and shine;

  • Restore pure reflection and glossy depth for unbelievably-shiny paint;

  • Install a protective synthetic wax to return the original luster and finish of the paint to make it look like new.



Painting Protection - Durable Protection And Long-Lasting Results

  • Apply an additional layer with the Synthetic Hybrid Selant that blends the durable protective properties of natural carnauba wax with the Optical Select gloss enhancers.

  • It extends the durability of the brilliant natural carnauba shine, and helps reject harsh UV sunlight, pollution, water spots, bugs, bird droppings, and more contamination that destroy shiny paint.

Ceramic Coating - The Highest Level of Paint Protection

  • All Crystal Polishing Services Plus the Ceramic Coating.

  • Apply a high strength ceramic coating over the wax applied on the Crystal Polishing;

  • It craeates a new hard glass layer about the varnish that protects the painting against pollution, water spots, bugs, bird droppings, and more contamination that destroy shiny paint, from 1 to 3 years. 

Renew Interior - Deep Cleaning

  • Deep cleaning of seats, carpets, ceiling panels, door lining and panels, with our exclusive pressurized waterless procedure

  • Shampoo carpets

  • Remove stains from padding*

Ideal for people looking for a deep cleaned interior or preparing their car for sale

*Most stains will be removed, however not all stains are removable 

Deep Cleaning & Hydration

of Leather Seats

  • Complete cleaning of all leather parts

  • Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Complete Kit preserves and protects all leather pieces

  • Apply a coating to keep the leather soft and protect

       against future cracking

Air Conditioner Cleaning - Breathe Clean Air

  • Apply a product to eliminates bad smells, funguses and bacteria;

  • Remove contaminated air and make your car smells like new again;

Ideal for anyone who has asthma or breathing problems.

$          .00


We recommended replace filter after services performed

The service takes 2 hours and a half to be done

Ozone Cleaning

  • Eliminates lingering bad smell from things left inside the car, such as spoiled foods, sour milk, animals or cigarettes;

  • Ozone is applied inside the vehicle to eliminate fungi and bacteria;

Ideal for smokers.

$          .00


The service takes 2 hours and a half to be done

Painting Correction and Protection

Optional Services - Add Value to Your Car